CannaEduCare is an exclusive  personalized coaching service and community resource center. Supported and fueled by a passion for the healing properties in the cannabis plant, Our goal is to educate our clients how to safely and legally medicate within Arizona State MMJ guidelines.

Cannabis and Hemp Education

Learn how to unlock the healing properties of cannabis and hemp with the latest research and technology. CannaEduCare offers classes from leaders and educators from the cannabis industry and within the cannabis community.

Cannabis Coaching

All coaching clients receive 1:1 personalized consultations and follow up appointments, and CannaEduCare Coupons redeemable at sponsored dispensaries and shops.

Coaching includes: what questions to ask your budtender regarding what products are available and how to evaluate for safety, quality of product and storage.

Learn more about different types of cannabis and hemp products offered in Arizona dispensaries and worldwide development and research. It is important to offer a “safety advocate approach” to further educational support in case a client may have questions about new products and companies working together to aid the cannabis community.

Cannabis With Your Cannabis Educational Support Classes

Learn step by step instructions  how to cook with cannabis and hemp products.  All clients will receive education on how to save money and know exactly what is in their medicated receipies.