Comments From Patients and Industry Professionals

From Myself and the Phoenix Cannabis Coalition
Would like to give a big thanks to Steve Simpson Sara Simpson and CannaEduCare for yesterday’s wonderful class on what it takes to create topicals and all the real science that goes behind in its creation.
Can’t wait for the class on ‘personal lubricants’.
Again thank you for the invite and the education.
To learn more.
Michelle Mushee Westenfield

MMJ Patient/Activist, Phoenix Cannabis Coalition

Sara showed me how to make a customizable THC bath bomb/salt mixture. Both the demo and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. That night I used the bath bomb/salt and I have never slept better! Thank you for your knowledge!
Warren Edward Ross

Massage Theripist, MMJ Patient

Thank you so much, Sarah and Steve! You all are such a blessing to not only myself but my family as well! Thank you for taking the time to be genuine, authentic, as well as taking the time to understand my father’s needs. This is a great place for resources! Much love!
Minyon Grey

Management Team, Yilo Superstore Dispensary

CannaEduCare is nothing short of a blessing! I was elated to find a great organization that focuses on cannabis education and community support. I want to reconize Steve and Sara, my cannabis coaches who have been there through my Hemp journey . I wasnt the always the easiest through all the pain and stress of being born with Spinal Bifida and complications from my gastroparesis. Sara was there for me with a calm and  steady voice who I now consider friend. Thank you CannaEduCare for the compassion you show for me and my family! Darlene Padilla Az MMJ patient

Darlene Padilla

Co Owner , Red Eye Nation

Huge shout out to you and your hubby I had so much fun and learned so much today.  I appreciate you and what you are doing.thank you again and again!
Christine Newell

MMJ Patient

We Can not say enough about this caring couple. This team of amazing patients has dedicated themselves to helping other patients in need. Finding the right medicine is often an expensive trial and error process. Having a family drive a loved one to retrieve medicinal cannabis can sometimes be out of the question. Driving patients to dispensaries Steve and Sara eliminate this process by providing experienced, detailed consultations. Often driving out of the valley to help other AZ residents with these issues. Dedicated and ErrlCup Approved!
Jason Lowery

MMJ Patient , Errl Times Content Creater

Sara & Steve have helped me change my life! I struggle with 9 autoimmune issues, which cause me great pain daily. One of my conditions is Lupus Nephritis, and I am not able to take any form of medication for my pain. I had given up on finding any sorta of substantial relief. Sara began to teach me the many benifits of marijuana, besides just smoking or eating it. This caring, giving, and knowledgeable couple introduced me to shatter capsules. They instructed me on how to make my own at home for myself. I don’t understand why I can’t pick these up at my pharmacy!! Medical marijuana has been my saving grace! I wouldn’t be able to function daily at a “normal” pace without these medical marijuana shatter capsules!! Thank you Sara & Steve for improving the quality of my life!!
Allena Campbell

MMJ Patient

Steve and Sara have spent countless hours educating themselves in all things cannabis. They are both serious patients themselves and understand how daunting the industry can be to the newbie. If you have questions or need help with health issues and want to use cannabis, they have a soft, kind, gentle approach and will take you through the process and methods of consuming that will best fit your needs. They have a good knowledge of certification centers, dispensaries and production companies. Give them a call and set up an appointment.
Deborah S. Staires

MMJ Patient, Vietnam Vet, Retired Teacher, Cancer Survivor, Cannabis Educator.

I’ve met Steve and Sara they even traveled to Tucson to visit me I’m a 53 year old terminally disabled vet, have done a lot of research and am a medical marijuana patient, with t2 mesothelioma cancer chrons disease copd severe depression prolonged ptsd Steve and Sara not only came to my home but they’ve helped me in areas where I’ve needed help and I’ve sent others to them with questions i couldn’t answer.. I’ve grown to love them dearly I’m alone here in Tucson fighting this battle and my children and grandchildren are miles away.. Sara’s and Steve’s love and compassion for others goes above and beyond what most are willing to share in society today.. Sara has felt my loneliness and today she calls me pops and if i had the chance to have another daughter well Sara would be my only choice.. Thank you both for Always being there.. Peace love and light always
Lewis Nonya

MMJ Patient/Ret. Navy Veteran

These guys really go the extra mile to look out for others. They KEEP a cheery attitude and helpful approach no matter what chaos they face. Educated, polite, dependable, and actually interested in others, the folks w CannaEduCare provide education and care better than most anyone in this field.
Mikel Weisser

MMJ Patient/Executive Director Arizona NORML

A big thank you to Cannaeducare for all their support and many Angel visits. I wouldn’t have made it without your tender loving care. Love you guys so very much.
Arlene Buzz Robles Johnson

MMJ Patient

I can’t say enough good about CannaEduCare. If you or anyone you know need ANY Cannabis education, and/or assistance for terminally ill medical marijuana (MMJ) patients this is the team you need to contact. They are a huge part of the AZ MMJ community & work with our local dispensaries/agencies to ensure MMJ patients get proper education for dosing/consumption techniques. PLEASE check out their Facebook page, Instagram page of the same name or go to their website CannaEduCare.com.The owners are awesome people that truly care for their patients/clients.
Angela Harris Biship

MMJ Patient, Veteran

Ask questions & take notes! This knowledgeable tag team covers alot! Sara has great helpful hints to make me a better Chef in the kitchen and Steve also has great dosing information. Another highlight – @CannaEduCare will be there for you after your class. If you have a question call or email. It’s nice to have support while I venture off on my own.
She-la Heitman

MMJ Patient/Anxiety/PTSD Suffer.

Steve and Sarah are genuinely caring people. You can feel and see it in everything they do. The need for proper Cannabis education is prevalent, and hard to find. I would 100% recommend taking a class and seeing for yourself their passion to inform and educate.
Johnnie Lee Hollingsworth

MMJ Patient