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On March 17th 2017  Steve suddenly lost consciousness and fell backward into the bathtub, falling onto a soap dish breaking it. He sustained a very serious laceration from the top of his right shoulder, ending at the bottom flank of his left side.


Through nothing short of a miracle, Steve’s life was saved through emergency life-saving surgery. Ultimately needing  sutures, a drain, and 50 staples across his back to help aid his recovery


We knew the road to recovery was going to be difficult, and lengthy.  Steve was in such horrid pain and discomfort that even breathing and movement caused severe spasms and excruciating pain.


The first 3 weeks Steve could not find any relief or rest. We were desperate to find someone with the knowledge to help navigate the channels of Hemp Therapy.


Chris and Andi Martin, angels and owners of  Helpful Farms answered so many of our questions. They explained their products in full detail, often offering samples to try to see what would work with Steves injury.


Steve initially was very skeptic knowing that he was indeed in major pain, and no pharmaceuticals were touching it. Being an experienced cannabis smoker, he was very limited and to what he could smoke.


Within 2 months after Steves accident, Hempful Farms (https://hempfulfarms.com/ )  products especially their  Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1100 mg worked wonders for his pain, and Steve was elated to find the relaxing effect on his muscles after smoking the shatter.


Steve began to heal so rapidly we were blown away by his progress. His pain and nausea were decreased by 70%. He was free from all narcotic pain meds within 12  weeks after the accident.


What started with a very limited prognosis to gain full mobility of his left shoulder and arm, Steve was able to make excellent strides towards full mobility.  He is still limited, but his range of motion has improved by approx 75% with very little skin hypersensitivity, scar tissue, muscle spasms, and his pain has become manageable.


We want to personally thank Hempful Farms for their personal attention to Steve’s healing journey and the compassion you showed him and our family. We highly recommend Hempful Farms products to anyone wanting to jump-start their healing journey.




2 weeks post-op                       6 months post-op                    16 month post-op