A Life in The Haze

  CannaEduCare began with two friends with one destination; to find a healthier way of living. Administrating for a cannabis activism & educational support group for 2 years in separate states on a social platform cannabis support group.

Steve and Sara’s were both experienced cannabis users but had no clue what fate had designed for them when they finally met after years of a friendship at a meeting in Mesa. They immediately recognized the kindness, compassion, and strengths in each other. They began dating and engagement commenced, beginning their future together.

Tragedy struck on March 17th, 2017 when Steve had a terrible fall resulting with every muscle deeply lacerated down to the spine. This required extensive emergency surgery, resulting with 50 staples and sutures starting at the right shoulder, across the back ending at the lower left flank, with a drain in for 8 weeks.  Aftercare included intense physical and restorative therapy for a year.

Sara, having over 18 years of skilled nursing, behavioral health, and rehabilitation experience could not prepare her to see the man she dearly loved in not only in such agonizing pain but traumatized from learning how to do even the basics tasks of daily living.

After 4 weeks of using opioids for pain relief, Sara and Steve began to question the physicians prescribing when the opioids continue to increase without relief. By 6 weeks postoperatively Steve was taking the strongest opioid prescribed.

The opioid use did not come without consequences. Steve constantly complained of abdominal discomfort, constipation which lead to confusion. Severe anxiety and depression began to set and Steve began to question if he would ever gain his strength and feel like his “old self’ But alas, no pain relief.


Sara and Steve were desperate to search for alternative pain medicines that did not cause serious side effects or even worse, death!

Sara and Steve were both ready to try all natural healing methods.  They were welcomed into a community of cannabis patients, dispensary agents, caretakers, cannabis educators, and dispensary owners. These wonderful resources lead to a full cannabis regimen (topicals, edibles and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Within a few days of this cannabis therapy, Steve began to sleep more, have less anxiety, and with less pain with each passing day.

Within six months of Steve’s fall, he gained most of the strength back in his upper back, shoulder, affected left arm, and left hand. His surgeon was shocked and even in some disbelief with how fast his incisions and muscles were healing.

Sara has also have seen some significant changes in her health as well. Sara is a firm believer in feeding your body what it needs to heal itself. Sara has Chrons Disease with complications leaving Sara only 25% of her stomach resulting in over 28 abdominal surgeries. Sara has had several gastrointestinal  (GI) bleeds and other emergent complications resulting from Pernicious Anemia.

Sara was taking 22 different types of medications a day to help manage her chronically bleeding and inflamed gastrointestinal tract. However, nothing helped and most of the medications had unmanageable side effects that would keep Sara close to a restroom.

One Day Sara got sick of leaving my fate in the hands of surgeons and specialists, She made the transition of removing 75% of all her prescriptions safely and slowly.

Sara was not only convinced by the many blessings she was seeing in her and her now husbands’ health but more and more the mental fog began to lift. Each day became a little easier and more manageable.

There was no turning back! Sara and Steve have not only measured their commitment to a healthier and happier lifestyle but made it their mission to advocate and coach for patients here in the Valley of the Sun.

Sara and Steve have reached out to the community of like-minded cannabis educators, consumers, and freethinkers and activist. Sara and Steve started volunteering at events, providing enrichment activities.

With the guidance of some amazing mentors within the community, Sara and Steve set a common goal of teaching the Arizona MMJ patients to check for quality in their medication, ask questions at local dispensaries, but also to help find community resources and state laws to help keep our clients protected.

CannaEduCare is committed to not only providing the Arizona MMJ patients with compassion and integrity to strengthen relations between the MMJ patient and their dispensaries but also to inspire change for happier healings.